Forest of MATH

Forest of MATH

This is a game I made for my 8-year old who loves games, but doesn't like to practice math. In the game, the damage dealt to enemies is a result of calculations. This means that results which are harder to compute are more beneficial to the gameplay. I was surprised that he would estimate and compute hard ones first, because it meant beating the enemies in style.


  • explore the forest
  • fight monsters in turn-based combat
  • compute damage with addition and subtraction up to 200, and multiplication up to 100
  • find map scrolls to help you navigate the maze, or health upgrades to beat bosses
  • collect magic digits to build your numeric spells

Is it hard?

  • In the early game the enemies are weaker, and there's more room for error.
  • Later enemies have more HP and hit harder, but the player can still win with a couple of errors. Sometimes the battles can be won quickly, if the player gets lucky with digits chosen for calculations. For example, 98+98 does massive damage.
  • Bosses require precise computation. Even then, make sure you collect most of the health upgrades before attacking.

What's the Forest like?

  • The map is procedurally a generated maze - different every time you start a new game.
  • Monster and treasure placement is also randomised.
  • Sometimes you might get map upgrades at the very start, another time you might get health upgrades instead.
  • Order in which you gain the digits is also random. You might start with something easy as 2 and 6, and doing math like 26+2 or 62-2. Or you might get 8 or 9 quickly, which is more challenging, for example to compute: 83-38.


The game is currently available for Windows operating systems (PC). You can get your copy on Steam website:


You can find quality screenshots here.


“will keep you busy for a very long time” - Games Keys.

“my son if waiting for me to come home from the office to play this every day” - Beta Reviewer.


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