Njam is an award winning pacman type of game:

  • Single player campaign
  • Cooperative mode where two players work together to complete levels
  • Duel mode where players compete with each other
  • Network play for up to four players
  • Great graphics, music and sound effects
  • 150 brand new high quality levels
  • Integrated level editor
  • Joystick/joypad support
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Main screen End of level
In game action Victory

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Some of the people who played the game say...

I just want to tell you that you've created a great game. I like those Pacman-like games ;-) Thanks for your great work!

- Ingo Kircheis

It is an excellent game. I am hooked on to it. Keep up with the good stuff.

- Andreu Menard

I want to say that your game is "of the hook". The levels are really great.

- Denny Schwarz

I'd like to tell you that I enjoy your game, which is the best pacman I used on Linux... perhaps the best anyway. Thanks for this game!

- Emmanuel Gasol

I've been playing this with my younger daughter for hours. We have so much fun! Now, back to that Spirits Within level again...

- Lynn Summers

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