Data import and compare

  • Import data into Firebird database
  • Supports XML, CSV and textual files with fixed-width columns
  • Supports nested XML files with links to parent nodes
  • Supports importing XML properties as data
  • Compare data from input file against the database
  • Cherry-pick the changes to apply to database
  • Supports Firebird since version 1.0

Attic Manager™

Home inventory software

  • Keep track of all the stuff you have
  • Look up something when you forget where you stored it
  • In case of disaster, have the list ready for the insurance company
  • Keep record of things you borrowed to others
  • Note repairs and maintenance costs
  • Keep track of things you put in boxes when you move
  • Find stuff stored in your attic or basement without getting your hands dirty
  • Track multiple locations of your business
  • UTF8 enabled - enter data in any language you use
  • Modern, easy to use interface