XML Wizard™

Import and compare data with Firebird DB

  • Load data from XML, CSV and TXT files
  • Compare data from file against database
  • Cherry-pick changes to go into database
  • Supports all versions of Firebird
  • Store project settings to load multiple files
  • Support for nested XML files
  • Support for XML attributes
  • Automatically detects data types from input file
  • Modern, easy to use interface

Attic Manager™

Home inventory software

  • Keep track of all the stuff you have
  • Look up stuff if you forget where you stored it
  • Have the list ready for the insurance claims
  • Keep record of things you borrowed to others
  • Note repairs and maintenance costs
  • Keep track of things you put in boxes when you move
  • Tracks multiple locations and sub-locations
  • UTF8 enabled - enter data in any language
  • Modern, easy to use interface
  • Ability to load data from Quicken Home Inventory

My games

Forest of Math is an adventure game where players solve simple math calculations to defeat enemies.