Able to track unlimited number of locations. This way you can keep track of your house, flat, garage, offices of your business, etc.

Unlimited levels of sublocations: rooms, attic, basement, closets, boxes, whatever you need.

Able to store unlimited number of items. The only limitation is space on your hard disk.

Able to store unlimited number of photos for each item.
Cropping the image
Integrated photo manipulation tools to crop and rotate photos so you don't have to use 3rd party programs.
Changes and notes
Unlimited number of changes and notes can be added: track all the maintenance costs, upgrades, borrowing things to others, etc.
Search thumbnails
Use powerful search together with thumbnail view to quickly find what you're looking for.
Ability to export data in CSV format, so that it can be loaded into Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice or some 3rd party applications.

Printing support with customizable reports with or without photos.

Fully UTF-8 enabled. You can type item data in whatever language you use.

Stores entire database in a single file (photos included!) making it easy to copy it around.